3 Important Differences between FLA and AGM Batteries

Modern RV users have a wide choice of batteries for their recreational vehicles. Two of the most important types are FLA (flooded lead acid) and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. There are some significant contrasts between these two kinds of batteries. By learning about the key differences, people can make an informed decision when choosing a battery for their RV.

1. Flooded Cell Batteries Are Usually More Affordable

Flooded lead acid batteries are generally more affordable than glass mat batteries. The manufacturing process is less expensive, leading to savings for the customer. For people who do not use their RV regularly or heavily, this type of battery may be a wise choice, at least as a starter.

2. AGM Cells Can Often Be Safer

Batteries can be hazardous if they are improperly handled or if they malfunction. Flooded lead acid batteries are unsealed and exposed to the elements, leading to a number of possible dangers:

  • Chlorine gas production from contact with salt water
  • Leaks of battery acid
  • Chemical burns

Absorbed glass mat cells are sealed, making them leak-proof.

3. AGM Cells Can Last Longer With Care

If RV users care for their absorbed glass mat batteries and maintain a proper charging cycle, the AGM cells can last several times as long as flooded lead acid batteries. Many people see AGM batteries as an investment in the long-term life of their hobby and their recreational vehicle.

Battery choices can be confusing for many RV users. To find out more about RV batteries in San Diego, please visit this website.


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