The 3 Types of Batteries for Your RV

To use your RV safely and consistently, you need a good battery. You have a number of options when choosing the type of battery for your vehicle. The three main categories of RV battery are starting batteries, marine batteries and deep cycle batteries.

1. Starting Batteries

Starting batteries are the most affordable and basic choice. They contain a number of thin plates that provide relatively high amperage for short periods of time. They may be provided by manufacturers as a basic battery for initial use. Some RV users have found that they are insufficient for heavy use.

2. Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are the toughest and longest-lived RV batteries. These batteries are built to last with all of the following features:

  • Longer charging and discharging cycles
  • Slower loss of charge
  • Less leakage and lower maintenance

With deep cycle batteries, RV users have fewer worries about battery maintenance and malfunction. They can also go longer between charges. Some users find the higher price to be a challenge at first, but it often pays for itself in convenience.

3. Marine Batteries

Marine batteries are a convenient hybrid between the affordability of starting batteries and the toughness of deep cycle batteries. Many novice RV users find them to be a good choice for their vehicle. They may upgrade to a deep cycle battery as they travel more often and use the RV more heavily.

Choosing the right battery is an important part of operating an RV. To find out more information about marine batteries in San Diego, visit this website today.


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